Reach Your Goals Faster and Become 100% More Productive Automatically.

Fruitphul is a new type of all-in-one personal productivity tool that helps you and your clients leverage time and eliminate procrastination to get more done, stay organized, and feel more fulfilled.

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Fruitphul goes beyond what time trackers, list makers, or collaboration tools can help you accomplish by working systematically helping you or your clients reach big goals in the least amount of time.

It takes Pareto’s “80/20” Productivity Principle from a general rule of thumb, into an actionable everyday strategy. Fruitphul will not only help you stay organized and productive, but hold you accountable and eliminate resistance.

Saving time, energy, and getting more done in personal and business life can be accomplished in FOUR easy steps.

Step 1. Use the Macro-Calendar to Set Long-Term Goals

Use the unique “Macro-Goals Calendar” to set deadlines for your long-term goals along with important events and dates. This eliminates the distraction of everyday activities. Keep you and your clients focused on the big picture without minor to-do lists.

Step 2. Know Which Steps to Take First to Save the Most Time

Use Fruitphul’s color-coded, leverage scoring program to prioritize your tasks that make up a specific goal. All tasks are assigned a leverage score from 1-10.

This will help prioritize and track how much impact certain short-term tasks will have toward achieving long-term goals. You will learn how your time should be spent to be more productive (or even eliminate the need to do other lower leverage tasks altogether thus saving countless hours).

Step 3. Ensure You Take Action Every Day with a “Micro-Goals Calendar”

Use a separate “Micro-Goals Calendar” to view smaller or “microtasks”. These are the easy low-stress tasks that don’t require much willpower to begin.

These are also colored coded and synced to a leverage value of your choice or can be synced with one of your previous ‘Leverage Value Tasks’ so you know the order of importance and what goal they relate to.

This helps you knock out projects faster by avoiding procrastination and getting momentum from the start to finish the task as a whole. Leveraging and ranking tasks breaks down large, stressful tasks into a manageable daily routine!

Step 4. Evaluate, Refine, and Hold Yourself Accountable.

Fruitphul has an analytical tool BUILT IN to record how much time you spend on each activity and leverage value.

It will help you learn how much effort you put into your daily routine. For example, if you really did not spend as much time as you thought you would on those higher leveraged tasks, you can readjust your routine to save months of precious time.

Features and Training to Ensure You Make Progress Every Day,
No Matter What

At Fruitphul we believe that it’s not about working harder, but working smarter!

That’s why we’ve strategically coded everything you need all under one roof to accomplish goals -- for business or personal Use -- FASTER while working fewer hours.

Neither motivation, willpower, nor all the time management theory in the world can get you what you want. What you need is real tool with time-management features to make productivity automatic.

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