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Hey, Ben here with the Fruitphul team one last time...

and as you probably know, to rapidly scale your business, be competitive, and make far more money, you need to be outsourcing and delegating tasks and projects.

Yes, even right from the start of your business today. That way even if your business idea is a failure, you can 'fail quickly' and pivot to a new idea within weeks, not years.

It's essential to find quality outsourcers, freelancers, or employees at an affordable price who will do an A+ job fast...


It's harder than ever to find freelancers who care
about the quality of their work for an affordable price.

Thanks to,, it's easier now than ever to connect with potential outsourcers or freelancers to help you...
...but, have you ever noticed that it seems like the affordable ones never do the job correctly and 'cut corners' on a regular basis...
while the few that care about doing solid work are either WAY too expensive or just not working for work when you need them most?

We've wasted $45,000+ dollars on terrible outsourcers and freelancers...

...including designers, coders, SEO agencies, and more.

And even more costly, wasted MONTHS of precious time our new business desperately needed waiting for them to prove they were just not up for the task.

These were outsourcers who had great ratings, good looking porfolios, were responsive when we hired...

but then, once the money was spent, simply failed to do an accurate job or worse... did the job only for us to find out later there were severe, longterm issues in the way it was created.

The truth is, you simply can't go to a site like Upwork, submit a project, and assume an A+ freelancer is going to suddenly become available and do your project fast, accurately, and on time.

The people who bid on your project are doing it because...

they can't get work from anyone else.

Plus, even if they start out great there's a good chance they could abandon your project half way in for a better offer somewhere else since they aren't even in your country necessarily.

However, I have some good news...

You don't need to make those same
hiring mistakes we did.

There's a handful of affordable, high-quality outsourcers and freelancers out there ready to help you scale your business fast...
...they're just hard to find.
Through trial and error, hiring hundreds of freelancers from many different sites and job boards, joining elite communities, and going to masterminds and conferences...
We've been able to compile a list of the best freelancers, outsourcers, and agencies that can do A+ work for fair and reasonable prices.
And for a limited time... because you invested in Fruitphul and we WANT you to become more productive so we can get quality testimonials and proof...
You can get access to this special resource and training collection called...

Fruitphul Outsourcers Vault

Our secret resource list of the best freelancers, outsourcers, agencies, and more you can cherry pick from and use for your own projects to save thousands of dollars, and become more productive overnight.

They are complied from top freelancing sites, forums, communities, referrals, masterminds... with many not publically available for you to even find!

Inside, you're going to see lists of the top freelancers we recommend in the following niches:

  • Graphic Design
  • Video Creation and Effects
  • Content Writing and Creation
  • Wordpress / Small Coding Tasks
  • Voice Overs, Audio Editing
  • Customer Support
  • VA / GVA Services
  • Translation Services
  • Accounting Services
  • Web and Desktop Software Development

And FAR more!

These are broken down into prices, too, so you can quickly find and contact someone who's in your price range and will do an amazing job fast.

Again, these are outsourcers, freelancers, outsourcing companies, or agencies we've personally used...

or that come highly recommended by companies who've had even more hiring experience than us.

Plus, Get Our Exclusive Outsourcer Bonuses...
Bonus #1. Fruitphul Outsourcer Training ($197 Value)

Not only are you going to get a list of top outsourcers and freelancers, but a training bonus on how to hire them and work with them to insure a quality job is done guaranteed.

Part of hiring and getting awesome results depends on YOU, not the outsourcer alone.

Inside the bonus training you'll learn...

  • Where to find the most talented freelancers and outsourcers for lowest price and how to get them to agree to work on your projects
  • How to approach and outsource many different tasks correctly and cheaply including ghost writing, content writing, software development, graphic design, and more
  • Where to go other than just Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr to find quality help fast
  • My secret Rolodex of the best tools and software’s to used to automate tasks and FAR more than that. This works for any aspect of your business
  • How to get outsourcers integrated into your business fast without having to teach them everything from scratch and wasting more time
  • What tasks you should outsource first in your business for immediate impact starting this week

Now you'll have the best outsourcers AND know how to work with them for fast results.

Plus, go out and hire on your own if you ever need to with 100% confidence you won't waste time or money.

Bonus #2. Fruiphul App Rolodex

Not only will you get a list of the best outsourcers to do a quality job, you'll also get an exclusive rolodex of the best free and paid marketing software tools to run your business with.

With a list of the best tools in design, content creation, SEO, marketing, and more...

You can not only save hundreds of hours yourself, but help your freelancer or team save hundreds of hours, too!

Plus, get results 10x faster by using a quality tool you might not have known existed or was out there.

And, how much time are you wasting with your own tools?

Is there a critical app you've been using, but seems buggy and doesn't deliever great results?

Well, you'll find some potential replacements that work far better and will save time and money in the long run.

Don't Put This Off... Or Think You Can Do It Alone...

The truth is most 7-8 figure marketers got to where they are by NOT running their business themselves, but outsourcing and delegating tasks.
To get to the next level... or even remain competitive today... you must be outsourcing and delegating right from the start.
It's impossible to do the design, coding, marketing, customer support, etc. all by yourself.
At some point, you're going to HAVE to hire someone else to do it, so why not save thousands of dollars, months of work, and DO IT RIGHT?
You're getting the best outsourcers and freelancers, plus the bonus training on how to work with them, form teams and even hire yourself correctly.


Obviously, if we let everyone have direct access to our top recommended freelancers, designers, coders, etc. they may get too busy to do our work.
That's why depending on how the launch goes, we're only offering a fix number of Fruitphul customers access to the Fruitphul Outsourcers Vault and bonus training.
So, if you're still seeing this page... congrats because you can still get limited time discounted access.
However, to be fair, we will be pulling this page shortly so don't miss out on your opportunity to literally save thousands of dollars and months of wasted time.

Plus, we’re taking on all the risk.

If for any reason during the next 60 days you’re not making any money with Fruitphul Agency or decide you just don’t want to resell it anymore.

Just let our rapid response support team know and we’ll refund you 100%, no questions asked.

You’re fully covered by our 60 day risk free guarantee.

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Fruitphul Vault
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What All Am I Getting?
You're getting access to our Fruitphul Outsourcers Vault membership for a one-time fee that includes our list of the best freelancers and outsourcers in many different fields. You'll also get the two bonuses, our special Rolodex of Apps and Outsourcer Training on hiring, training, and scaling info.
Can I think about it and come back later?
Sorry, but this is available as a one-time-offer only. Chances are if you come back the price would have increased by then or this page will be taken down.